Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Evil Halloween Pumpkin Art Shirts from Zazzle.com

Evil Halloween Pumpkin Art Shirts from Zazzle.com

A Halloween pumpkin art t-shirt with art created and drawn by artist Wayne Tully.

You can buy this t-shirt, plus there are also other gift products you can buy with the same design on tem and that's not all, you can customize your gift products for Halloween or to suit whatever you want....

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Zazzle Art Gifts And Promotions: Halloween Witch Art Postage Stamps (U.S Postage)

Zazzle Art Gifts And Promotions: Halloween Witch Art Postage Stamps (U.S Postage)

A great and classic witch art design on U.S postage stamps, you can buy a stamp set of 21 of these....so what are you waiting for, get them in time for Halloween.....!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Halloween Costumes Available Through The Online Store Below

Halloween costumes are available to buy through the online store right at the bottom of this blog and there are links to masks and other halloween party accessories too.

How To Draw An Evil Halloween Pumpkin

A quick link to one of my drawing tutorials of how to draw an evil pumpkin for Halloween and it's easy to follow and just have fun drawing them pumpkins for Halloween.

Draw An Evil Pumpkin

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

When There's A Full Moon Beware The Weredouche

Slightly amusing video documenting the true story of the weredouche and the evil that it can create amongst friends.

Beware the Weredouche

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Friday The 13th Jason Deluxe Costume

I like Jason he is a role model for kids alike all around the world, when he drowned in the lake at Camp Crystal as a kid what better way than exacting revenge for all those who arrive after the event of his drowning they get killed...nice, his crazy momma killed the first round of horny teenagers...oh and Kevin Bacon, strange I've since seen him in films since?! must have been his twin!

This costume is really authentic and battered looking like he just climbed back out of the sewer after punching some dudes head off.

Adult Jason Deluxe

Dead Set

Dead Set a british zombie five part series that sees the zombie apocalypse hit just at the time of big brother eviction night!

Classic zombie action!