Sunday, 19 August 2007

Dark Intruder Mask

Dark Intruder Mask, Halloween Masks, adult monster mask

Dark Intruder Masks Halloween Masks

Evil Ringmaster Mask

When the evil ringmaster comes to town with his merry band of evil clowns and freakshows he delivers a whole 2 hours of horror and pain for the circus loving audiences and before they know it each and every audience member has been turned into a nasty addition to the sideshow attraction for many years to come, forever and ever!!

Evil Ringmaster Masks Halloween Masks

Predator Unmasked Mask

Discount Halloween Masks Predator Mask Adult 3/4 vinyl mask. one size (adult).

This predator mask looks the real deal but the dreads need a little attention but a small detail can get overlooked because the paintwork is highly detailed and quite a match for the movie special effects created by Stan Winston.

Discount Halloween Masks Predator Mask Adult

Zemok The Alien Mask

Zemok Alien Mask Halloween Masks, extra full size mask

Zemok Alien Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Steel Cage Mask - Steelhead

Medieval Steelhead mask. Additional Information:, Medieval plastic cage style mask, Attached fabric cowel, One size fits most adults

Mask PLA500: Steelhead

Billy Bob Teeth

Billy Bob Teeth novelty dentures. These Billy Bob fake teeth are a set of top teeth only. Billy Bob Fake teeth look great and are reusable! Big Cletus Billy Bob fake teeth are currently available with one gold tooth, with or without cavity. Actual tooth style and stains may slightly vary.

Billy Bob Teeth: Big Cletus

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Freddy Krueger Mask

A nightmare on elm streets Freddy Krueger, he's gonna get you in your sleep, but first get it for Halloween.

Freddy Krueger Halloween Masks Adult 3/4 Mask

Jason Vorhees without the hockey Mask

With out the hockey mask it's Jason Vorhees and his manky looking face, perfect for Halloween.

Halloween Masks Jason Vorhees Costume Mask

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Mask

The texas chainsaw massacre character Leatherface is a great mask for halloween all you need is a chainsaw to go with it!

Leatherface Halloween Masks Childs Texas Chainsaw Massacre Masks

Friday The 13th Hockey Mask

From the friday the 13th films comes the iconic hockey mask that Jason Voorhees wore.

Friday the 13th Jason Halloween Hockey  Mask

Dawn Of The Dead Halloween Mask

Zombie mask from the Dawn Of The Dead film, I like the detail on this one!

Dawn of the Dead Masks Plaid Boy Halloween Mask

I Bet He Has A Headache As The Demons Burst Out Of His Head Mask

I have a headache said the bald fellow with demons bursting out of his head.

Headache Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Hellboy Halloween Mask

It's Hellboy from the comics and that ace film a few years back, can't wait for the sequel!!
Until then here's the mask of Hellboy

Hellboy Masks 3/4 Vinyl Hellboy Halloween Masks

Original Golf Ball Mask

When you are playing golf this Halloween wear this golf ball mask in the spirit of this highly interesting sport that certainly doesn't make you yawn!

Golf Ball Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Shocked Ghost Mask From Scream

Halloween mask from the film scream.

Shocked Ghost Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Count Creepula Mask

The scary Count Creepula Halloween mask

Halloween Masks Count Creepula Halloween Costume Mask

Evil Clown Latex Mask

It's the killer clowns from outer space come to cause some evil this halloween....trick or treat!!?

Halloween Masks Scary Clown Halloween Costume Mask

Boo! It's The Soccer Ball Halloween Mask

Go on be a scary football soccer ball head you know you want to!

Soccer Ball Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Gargoyles Mask

Gargoyle mask, based on obviously a gargoyle that can be seen on a stone building.

Gargoyle Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Highly Detailed Forest Wizard Mask

Forest wizards mask with highly detailed features.

Halloween Masks Forest Wizard Halloween Costume Mask

Want To Be An Ugly Pirate?

Ugly pirate mask, this will make you a hit with the ladies at any Halloween party you may go to this year, just slip this old pirate mask on and let rip with the pirate charm!

Pirate Masks Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

The Classic Vampire Mask

This vampire mask design looks classic and more in the tradition of the old movie style depiction of the vampire Count Dracula and also it reminds me of the main vampire character out of the first fright night film which was a classic.

Vampire Masks Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Wednesday, 8 August 2007