Friday, 21 September 2007

Classic Childs Wolfman Mask

Remember the classic wolf man films in the 50's and of course teen wolf in the 80's, the mask below reminds me of these films and don't forget chewbacca from star wars, this is a childs mask and should fit all size heads.

Wolf Man Childrens Halloween Masks

Costume Tips for Halloween or Any Time

Gothic Gargoyle Mask

Gargoyles are very popular especially on the top of buildings they sit and wait to pick people off and turn unsuspecting idiots into stone, this mask has a childish quality to it that looks straight out of a childs play.

Gothic Gargoyle Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Gothic Punk Mask

The mask that is full of evil gothic darkness, this gothic punk mask, sculpted latex detailed mask looks inspired by other masks on this blog.

Costume Masks Gothic Punk Halloween Mask

Star Wars Storm Trooper Mask

The imperial storm troopers mask is made from PVC and it looks quite realistic, so if you are a fan of Star Wars then you should maybe add this to your collection.

Star Wars Storm Trooper Mask - PVC Half Masks

Batman/Joker Mask

The Joker mask looks very like the comic book character of the Joker and really simple details and design that make it quite authentic, just like it is an officially licensed product.

Batman Joker Masks Halloween Costume Masks

Insano The Clown Mask

Look and gaze upon Insano The Clown as he laughs and grins his evil upon the world, he knows that you may be scared of him and he's laughing at you and mocking you....hahahahaha haha ha!

Insano the Clown Masks Halloween Masks

Freak N Monster Mask

This mask sort of looks like a frankenstein mask but has a unique style and design to it that resembles a manga character design, and the detail is quite amazing too with variations of texture and tiny details that are usually lost on some of the cheaper masks.

Halloween Masks Freak N Monster Costume Mask

Sexy Adult Witch Costume

Witch costumes that look great, I wouldn't personally wear one of these as it would not suit me very well, but for the women to wear and show off at halloween gatherings.

Sexy Costumes Witch Young Adults Costumes

Devil Childs Mask

A simple design for a devil childs mask, smaller than normal for little devils who must wear an extra layer of evil for their trick or treating activities...

Halloween Masks Devil Childs Costume Mask

Demon Halloween Masks

Kinky Red Devil Head Piece

This is for the ladies, to dress up real kinky and foxy at a halloween party or fancy dress, and if you wear it you will be wicked to all who cross your path!

Devil Headpiece with Hair

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Cheerful Chuck Crazy Clown Mask

Another clown that just makes me laugh maybe it's the blonde hair or the bowtie, the paintworks ok for a cheap mask and it's a clown so what more can I say.

Cheerful Chuck Crazy Clown Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Freddy Krueger Mask

It does not look like the freddy krueger I know and love but it has the spirit of the design at its core, it would be nice to see a characters mask that actually resembles the character it is intended to be, but then they would have to get access to the face casts of the actors that played them and that can be next to impossible, but hey it's still a fun looking mask for halloween anyway!

What's that Freddy?...

Who ordered pizza...?

Halloween Masks Freddy Kreuger Costume Mask
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Classic Evil Pumpkin Mask

A nice and simple halloween mask with a pumpkin themed evil grinning pumpkin head, although another cheap mask it really is a classic for your collection or trick or treating needs.

Costume Masks Scary Pumpkin Halloween Mask

Tin Man Mask From The Wizard Of Oz

A great mask of the tin man from the classic musical wizard of oz, as a kid the tinman was my favourite characteras he was all silver and reminded me of a robot, such a magical film that inspired me as a child.

Tin Man Wizard of Oz Masks Halloween Masks

Tusk Monster Alien Mask

This mask is really an alien design rather than a scary monster sculpture creation, it has all the feel of a b-movie alien monster and if you could imagine the rest of the costume if there was one you could imagine a man in a rubber suit causing mayhem on the cheap film sets of the time.

Tusks Monster Masks Halloween Masks

Dawn Of The Dead Fly Boy Mask

This mask taken from the 70's dawn of the dead movie the fly boy character who turns into a zombie towards the end of the film.
A good mask creation, sculpted with the lazy eyed stare of a zombie and the pale complexion of a undead flyboy.

Halloween Masks Dawn of the Dead Flyboy Costume Mask

History Of Halloween

How Much Do You Know About Halloween?
By S. Roberts

How much do you know about the spooky holiday of Halloween? As you probably know, Halloween is celebrated on the 31st October and the name Halloween descends from the old name Hallows Eve, the night of the dead. This is why children and adults alike dress up as spooky characters suck as ghosts, goblins, vampires, monsters, witches and anything that goes bump in the night.

It is also said that on this night dedicated to the dead, that there are more spiritual energies, making it a more receptive night to contact the dead, and for the dead to contact the living.

Halloween is often considered an American festivity, so it might surprise you to know that it originated in Ireland as the Pagan Celtic harvest festival Samhain. Halloween wasn't exported to America until the 19th century, when many Irish folk emigrated.

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The Celts celebrated as their harvest festival because by the end of October all the hard work of harvesting the crops was over. They also saw Halloween as marking the time when the days would shorten and there would be darkness and coldness of the winter season.

Many Christians prefer to celebrate the following day, All saints day on 1st November (also know as 'All hallows' and 'All souls day') This is to avoid conflict with their religious beliefs. The word hallow means sanctify in old English, 'to free from sin'. All saints day is therefore considered to be a day of goodness.

Halloween and its festivities have now been spread to most of the western world. However, the old Halloween meaning has been lost and replaced. Nowadays Halloween is seen as a festive holiday of fun and spookiness. A time to dress up and have a fun time, maybe to go ‘trick or treating’ or to go to a spooky Halloween part. Halloween is a time to spook yourself, or maybe someone else, BOO!

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S. Roberts writes for a boys toyz website packed with gadgets, games and gizmos. Check out our spooky Halloween page at Big if you publish please link to the Halloween page – Thanks

Article Source:

Princess Costumes

Vampire Skull Mask

This vampire skull mask has a simple design with sparing paint on the detail but again is a cheap mask for a quick halloween trick or treating on a low budget, my tip is to get some latex paints and if you are creative enough I'd consider re-doing some of the paintwork and adding new colours if you wish or you can just grab a make up kit and leave out the mask altogether.

Vampire Skull Masks Halloween Masks

It's Giggles The Clown

If you ever saw that cult classic film Killer Clowns From Outerspace then you'll certainly love this mask as it reminds me of this film and of course that Stephen King film IT when Tim Curry played that clown character....oh I love clowns they have the scaryness factor, especially when they laugh or giggle.

Halloween Masks Giggles Clown Halloween Costume Mask

The Annihilator Mask

Not as detailed as some of the other masks I have posted, but certainly one of the cheapest monster mask, not sure about the hair, it looks too much like the 70's incredible hulk for my tastes but not a bad mask nonetheless.

Annihilator Monster Masks Halloween Masks

Halloween Monster Skull Mask

The halloween monster skull mask that covers the whole of your head and looks quite cool especially the details of the muscle tissue on the jaws and the bloody mess of a tongue, while almost demon like it still represents a skull image and will scare some litle kids somewhere...bwahahahaha!

Halloween Masks Monster Skull Halloween Costume Mask

The Creature From The Black Lagoon Mask

Yes the creature from that old cheesy B-movie is available in a mask and it looks pretty good too, especially good if you are a fan of the old movies of the 50's that were classic movies of alien invasion and sunday school horror.

Made from quality latex.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Latex Masks

Adult Sexy Buccaneer Costume

This adult sexy buccaneer costume includes: a super deluxe dress with sheer overlay and an attached deluxe faux leather brown jacket with abundant woven gold accents. Hat and boots sold seperately. Available sizes: Extra Small (size 2-6), Small (size 6-10), and Medium (size 10-14).

I only wish the woman came with the costume!

Adult Sexy Buccaneer Costume

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Come and join the halloween fun at Yuwie

A club for anything and everything halloween over at Yuwie, come and join the year round celebrations!

Happy Halloween

Halloween Trick or Treat Club

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Friday, 7 September 2007

Halloween At Amazon

Amazon has a range of halloween costumes and masks to.