Monday, 28 July 2008

Pain In The Neck Ripped Off Head

Stand it up in corners of your room, carry it around with you, watch tv with it, give it a drink and some to him he listens!

The head that keeps on staring, who ripped his head off?

Pain in the Neck Prop Halloween Decorations / Props

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Human Skull Prop Decoration

A skull decoration.

Human Skull Prop Halloween Decorations / Props

The Dark Reaper Skull Mask

Dark reapers are the undead skulls of death, they seek out death and the souls of the living and er...okay it's just a dark skull mask, and it's not real.

This is one of them dark masks that are in the same detail as the El Diablo Demon mask that I posted way back and it covers your shoulders too with some high quality detail that screams "Wear Me"!!!!

I'm becoming somewhat of a fan of the masks at, I've bought several of the movie masks which feature Leatherface and Freddy Krueger and I know for a fact I will buy some more of these for my own mask collection....I'll soon have enough masks to scare all the kids on my block, all through the year!!!

Dark Reaper Skull Masks Halloween Masks

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Adult Pirate Ghost Costume

Today I am mostly interested in ghosts, so the theme for today is ghostly pirates and sea faring shanty pirate ghosts....

Costume Product Information.

Spook the seas dressed in this deluxe quality Pirate Ghost costume. Costume Includes:, Coat trimmed with tattered cheesecloth, Shirt with attached vest, Matching pants, Boot tops, Pirate Hat with tattered trim, Bandana with attached dreadlock wig, Pirate Eye Patch, Grey beard, Arrives packaged in its own deluxe zippered garment bag Additional Information: We strongly recommend choosing the Ground shipping option when purchasing this costume. Due to the quality Garment Bag packaging, it will require an oversize box for shipping. Any type of express shipping option will get quite costly. We will contact you prior to shipping the costume if the shipping charges go over our normal rates.

Adult Pirate Ghost

300 Immortal Halloween Mask

An immortal mask apparently, which reminds me of an arabian desert demon of some sort, some of these masks that appear as halloween masks are just quality examples of what kinds of detail and creative inspiration goes into these highly detailed masks.

300 Costumes 300 Immortal Costume Deluxe Masks

Rob Zombie Halloween Mask

Rob Zombie mask for halloween, if you like zombie...

Halloween Masks Evil Undertaker Mask

Childs Skull Mask For Halloween

This skull mask is a perfect mask for a child, yes a child who you want to be a skull head, scare the children and make your child wear this mask of skull for fun....Trick or treat!

Skull Masks Childrens Halloween Masks