Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Halloween All Through The Year!

When it's over with, Halloween can't and won't and indeed shouldn't be forgotten, so dust off all of your dark gothic halloween decorations and put them up all year round, even when it's christmas put a bit of tinsle on your skull candles and a nice bit of mistletoe on your grey gargoyle statues, the grim and dark should be celebrated all 365 days of the year.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Skulls Table Decoration For Halloween

Put it on your table and look at it and pretend that you are about to eat a mountain of skull...hmmm tasty!!

Skulls Table Decoration Halloween Decorations and Spooky Collectibles

HorrorFilms for the halloween enthusiast.

Jolly Jack Crazy Clown Mask

Yep, clowns are mad for it this Halloween, they is evil damn it, look at this ones extremely large forehead...totally disturbing...don't have nightmares kids!!

Jolly Jack Crazy Clown Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Evil Grinning Clown Mask

Clowns always laugh and grin really evil looking sometimes and they look and stare with their evil eyes whilst trying to be funny, curse them evil clowns for they bring fear to many young children on every Halloween.

Clown Masks Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Any type of comic books to read for halloween

When I was a kid at halloween I'd spend all the money I got from trick or treating ( yes I'm from the UK kids expect money these days!!) on comic books and the more exciting the art and the stories the better I liked them.

Todays comic book selection is even better as you don't have to visit the comic book store, you can order online and get them delivered straight to your door....
I'm far beyond being classed as a kid anymore, but I still get the odd comic book here and there as I dig the art and still get excited by the stories...

Save up to 75% off your new comics!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Halloween Zombie Mask Hell

Original zombie mask creation that is inspirational of many horror films that I have seen throughout the years....

Halloween Masks Zombie Mask 3/4 Costume Mask

Why not see what the appeal of a low budget horror film is all about!

Mummy Skull Decoration

The screaming skull prop decoration for your halloween decorational spirit...

Mummy Skull Prop Halloween Decorations / Props

Harry Potter, Voldermort Mask

The evil Voldermort, Harry Potters nemesis in the form of a halloween mask..

Harry Potter Voldemort Masks Adult

Leatherface Halloween Mask

Leatherface muzzled mask from the horror movies of the past couple of decades....

Halloween Masks Leatherface Muzzled Mask

If this one has sold out, then there are other masks in the Leatherface range, just search on the halloweencostumes4u website when you are there!

Glow In The Dark Eye Gore Mask

Simplistic glow in the dark mask, that will glow in the dark...
Eye-Gore Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Boozer The Clown Mask

When you have too much beer look upon this mask and see yourself for the bum that you are...

Halloween Masks Boozer Clown Halloween Costume Mask

The Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Mask

All he needs is a brain of his own freom the wizard, but you can have this mask and not worry abount not having a brain...ok!!

Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Masks Halloween Masks

Eerie Light Up Eye Demon Mask

This demon mask is very scary and comes with attached hood for more scares and evil thrills....

I like the simplistic design of this mask as it reminds me of some kind of mummy demon that is rotten to the core..

Halloween Masks Corpse Flashing Eyes Halloween Costume Masks

Toxic Zombie Mask

The toxic appeal of this mask is so vile and putrid that you may want to puke and get it over with.

Toxic Zombie Mask Halloween Masks Halloween Costumes

Monday, 1 October 2007

Inspired By Halloween Books

I like to read and so do alot of people still these days prefer to read books rather than look up stuff online, but if you look up stuff online and get it delivered direct to your door, then its better for you obviously..I order my books online and also anything I like that I see online too, although I sometimes miss the excercise that going to the shops personally brings, it is far more convenient and time saving too..

Amazon,Ebay ...The internet is absolutely brilliant!!