Monday, 11 August 2008

Making Masks A Relevant Book

The mask making handbook has all sorts of tips and step by step how to's on how to create your own masks, after a few weeks of thinking about buying this book I gave in last week and bought it, I've only just recieved it yesterday and it really is a good read, because I am interested in building my own masks in time from the designs that I already do now, once I have finished reading this book I shall write a proper review and update this post with my review here, but until then here is the book...

Check Out Some Of These Horror Masks At

There is some great additons to anyones horror mask collection here, all made with durable latex and hand painted to perfection, the only thing is I'm going to have to save some cash to buy some of these....

Excellent Horror Masks

Friday, 8 August 2008

Jugular Jabber Vampire Mask

Vampire masks are coming on to the market quite often as are all of the horror series ones, such as zombies and other dark creatures, yet another finely detailed mask to hit the halloween market.

Halloween Masks Jugular Jabber Halloween Costume Mask

The "I Used To Go To School With Someone Who Looked Like This Hells Reject Mask"

A shocking likeness of someone who I used to go to school with, this hells reject looks the part too, with a dumb stare in his eyes, Yep this is him alright, a mask that has been sculpted with his silly face in mind.

Costume Masks Hell's Reject Halloween Mask

The Psycho Fiend Mask Of Choice

It's at times like this, that I just love halloween masks and how detailed they have become, it just reminds me that the mask creators must have some pretty twisted and sick minds to bring all this type of horror to halloween, the kids may want candy for halloween, but I want all these cool masks for myself!!.

Costume Masks Psycho Fiend Halloween Mask

The Most Amazingly Detailed Hellhound Mask

This is one of them great paint jobs and sculptured works of art in this hellhound halloween mask, all the way down to the realistic looking fur at the back, this is halloween masks at there very best!

Halloween Masks: Hell Hound Halloween Costume Mask

Ghoul Face Mask Kit

If you are something of a make up artist, then you may want to try out one of these, this Ghoul Face Mask Halloween Effects kit contains: latex face appliance, translucent powder, spirit gum adhesive, spirit gum remover, step by step instruction booklet, 8 color makeup tray, makeup applicator brush, 2 makeup sponges, 2 stipple sponges.

Ghoul Face Mask Kits Halloween Effects

A Feather Mask To Wear

Feather masks fall under the category of mardi gras masks as they only cover the eyes, but they are quite popular with some people as the feathers that are used are some of the top rated feathers you can get, different colours and wonderful fluffy feather arrangements.

Deluxe Feather Masks: Deluxe Feather Mask

Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For That Fancy Dress Party

When it comes to a bit of what you fancy then a fancy dress party is what lights up your night, I used to love going to fancy dress parties, but then get there and I feel like the odd one out, with a not so well thought out or home made costume.

If you think about it you could go dressed as anything from a pirate to a nun these days, because there is that much choice, but for the serious fancy dress party goers, what are the options?

Well I always say go for the most popular approach, the fashions of the times or current icons that are easily recognizable to mostly all in the know peeps.

Or alternatively you could go with the most popular types of costumes that are so predictable you know what they look like.

The sexy bunny costume is a usual candidate for the popular choice for women and it could be one of those considered as an ice breaker, a fun costume that just appeals to some.

Of course the actual fancy dress party could be a themed one, so you would have to account for this beforehand, but if it is an open free for all costume party, then the only limit is your imagination or what you find as the best costume.

Sexy Bunny Costumes - Sexy Halloween Costumes

The Pirate Costume is another popular choice and one that could be classed as an iconic choice for many, especially as the recent buzz surrounding such films as the Pirates of the carribean.

Adult White Pirate Shirt Costume - Pirate Costume Accessories

Plus kids like the pirate costumes that much they like to think that they are pirates most of the time, which is fun for them.

Another fancy dress great, is the popular movie costumes that you see nowadays, the lord of the rings costumes are increasing in popularity, but much of the popular ones are the Ringwraiths or the best characters that people remember from the films, this is especially true when selecting a fancy dress costume, you want others to see and be in the know with what you are going to wear.

Scary Adult Deluxe Ringwraith Costume - Lord of the Rings Costumes

Of course if you really know the theme of the fancy dress party you are going to, it does make it easier somewhat, like a good old fashioned Halloween party you could go dressed as a witch and the classic witch costume is still the popular choice.

Adult Classic Witch Costume - Witch Costumes

All though the most popular costumes are the ones for kids, because it seems kids just like fancy dress parties more and there would be more opportunities for kids to go to these than anyone else, that's not to say that grown ups can't have all the fun, but the choice of childrens costumes say otherwise.

This harry potter costume is one of the top choices for a kids costume and it is in current trend, what with the films and books still being read the world over.

Harry Potter Costume - Harry Potter Costume for Kids

When it comes to your fancy dress party, just remember that you yourself are going to wear it, so wear it with style.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Traditional Mardi Gras Mask

Mardi Gras!

A traditional mardi gras mask with an elastic band for easy wearing, made from deluxe plastic and hand painted with hand woven borders, this mask is ideal for mardi gras or new year, but also for any fancy dress party you care to gate crash in a drunken manner!

Mardi Gras happen all over the world and involve lots of street partying and carnivals of all sorts

Traditional Mardi Gras Mask

Mardi Gras In New Orleans - Read all about it!

Orc Of Moria Mask

This is a great and highly detailed lord of the rings mask, the evil orcs are evil!!
Again one size fits all, and the hair is attached and the piercing too, a good design and hand painted detail make this one of the best masks I have seen in a while, but of course there are many others coming on to the market.

Adult Deluxe Moria Orc Mask

On finding this orc mask for halloween, I also came across this really good tutorial on how to build an orc of moria costume, just like in the films, a really creative piece that has just inspired me when I have the time that is to do it, it look really effective have a look here - Making an orc of moria

Doom Skull Mask

This is a good classic skull mask, I often refer to some of these when I am drawing skulls as they are very inspirational and always bring a smile to my face when I am drawing them in my sketchbook, this mask fits most sizes, again if you have a big head then, my statement to you is no need to show off!!

Adult Doom Skull Mask

British Bull Dog Mask

This Bulldog mask is made of high density latex which is quite flexible and I like the design of it as it reminds me of the dog out of the Tom and Jerry cartoons, the finish on it is something you don't often see on masks lately with a shine that makes it appear deluxe in a good way, one size fits most adults, unless you have an extremely large head and if that's the case get a brown paper bag and draw a neat little picture of a bulldog and pretend you own this mask, it's the only way friend!!

Bulldog Mask

The Dark Knight Batman Mask

This mask looks good and maybe you could even look better than the model in the picture below as he looks like a dweeb of the highest order to be polite, politeness aside this mask is made of the usual material Latex and goes over your head and neck and fits most sizes, which is good, so if you have a batman face or a bruce wayne face unlike the doink below, then you should find this mask of some use to your criminal fighting in the streets.

The dark knight film is pretty good!

Deluxe Batman Full Mask

The Dark Knight Film Review

The Dark Knight Joker Mask

This Joker mask doesn't really do justice to the actor Heath Ledgers Joker really as it looks nothing like the Joker played by him, instead it looks like a cross between uncle fester and the Whos Roger Daltry, but it is an officially licensed product and they have tried I suppose, it's made from foam latex and the paint work is ok, all be it slightly rushed.

Deluxe Dark Knight Joker Mask

This mask fits an adult sized head or an older childs noggin.

The Beetlejuice Halloween Mask

This mask is another one of them iconic characters from a classic film and is an official beetlejuice mask, this mask fits over your head and covers the whole of your head and face, this is a mask for adults but will fit older children too.

The beetlejuice characters hair is fixed on to the latex mask, so it doesn't come in two parts (which often happen with other masks!)

Deluxe Beetlejuice Mask

The masks design actually bears a striking resemblance to the actor Michael Keaton who actually played the character of Beetlejuice, which when masks are created they often might not reflect the actual realistic bone structure of the original actors, but this one does I think, so it's a good mask design, much like the other movie based ones I have seen.

Adult Vixen Of Darkness Costume

Certainly a good look for a witch of the dark craft, costumes like this are quite popular with the ladies and they look quite sexy too, I'd dress up in one but I have not got the figure for it and my legs need waxing anyway.

Adult Vixen Of Darkness Costume

Officially Licensed Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Mask

This mask really is quite special, it comes complete with the hockey mask that is Jason and the whole iconic look of the friday the 13th film franchise, but the mask comes off to reveal the the rugged charms of Jason himself, he sure is a looker and a hit with the ladies, the whole outlook and design of the mask is hand painted with great detail, they even put some small strands of hair on old Jasons head too, I really am happy about this mask and will order mine soon.

Adult Deluxe Jason Mask

Catch up with the latest news on the Friday the 13th remake and much more on the forum

Monday, 4 August 2008

Freddy Krueger Halloween Mask

It's Freddy Time!

Freddy Masks Freddy Kreuger Adults Latex Mask

Ghouldilocks Wig For Halloween

I have often experimented with wearing wigs with halloween masks, some with mixed results, but the best thing to do is to get a few cheap wigs for halloween as a back up for some cool looking masks.

Costume Wigs Ghouldilocks Halloween Costume Wig

Now just imagine this wig mixed with a demonic mask of some sort.

Halloween Costumes from CostumeCity.Com

Halloween Punk Skeleton Skull Mask For Kids

This mask could have done with some funky dreadlocks and a few sculpted head piercings to really off set the punk image a little bit more, but hey it's a Skeleton skull mask for kids, so I guess they couldn't go too far, or kids would be having piercings all over the place and tattooed noses and eye lids.

Halloween Masks Kids Punk Skeleton Mask

This Dog Halloween Demon Costume Just Makes Me Laugh

The dog is not amused!


Whenever your dog goes out on a hot date at a fancy dress party, make sure they have the latest trend in costumes, he or she does not want to look out of place when hanging out with his friends.

Make sure you don't force them to wear it if they don't want to, like this dog!

Pets Halloween Costumes Devil Dog Costume for Pets