Friday, 8 August 2008

Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For That Fancy Dress Party

When it comes to a bit of what you fancy then a fancy dress party is what lights up your night, I used to love going to fancy dress parties, but then get there and I feel like the odd one out, with a not so well thought out or home made costume.

If you think about it you could go dressed as anything from a pirate to a nun these days, because there is that much choice, but for the serious fancy dress party goers, what are the options?

Well I always say go for the most popular approach, the fashions of the times or current icons that are easily recognizable to mostly all in the know peeps.

Or alternatively you could go with the most popular types of costumes that are so predictable you know what they look like.

The sexy bunny costume is a usual candidate for the popular choice for women and it could be one of those considered as an ice breaker, a fun costume that just appeals to some.

Of course the actual fancy dress party could be a themed one, so you would have to account for this beforehand, but if it is an open free for all costume party, then the only limit is your imagination or what you find as the best costume.

Sexy Bunny Costumes - Sexy Halloween Costumes

The Pirate Costume is another popular choice and one that could be classed as an iconic choice for many, especially as the recent buzz surrounding such films as the Pirates of the carribean.

Adult White Pirate Shirt Costume - Pirate Costume Accessories

Plus kids like the pirate costumes that much they like to think that they are pirates most of the time, which is fun for them.

Another fancy dress great, is the popular movie costumes that you see nowadays, the lord of the rings costumes are increasing in popularity, but much of the popular ones are the Ringwraiths or the best characters that people remember from the films, this is especially true when selecting a fancy dress costume, you want others to see and be in the know with what you are going to wear.

Scary Adult Deluxe Ringwraith Costume - Lord of the Rings Costumes

Of course if you really know the theme of the fancy dress party you are going to, it does make it easier somewhat, like a good old fashioned Halloween party you could go dressed as a witch and the classic witch costume is still the popular choice.

Adult Classic Witch Costume - Witch Costumes

All though the most popular costumes are the ones for kids, because it seems kids just like fancy dress parties more and there would be more opportunities for kids to go to these than anyone else, that's not to say that grown ups can't have all the fun, but the choice of childrens costumes say otherwise.

This harry potter costume is one of the top choices for a kids costume and it is in current trend, what with the films and books still being read the world over.

Harry Potter Costume - Harry Potter Costume for Kids

When it comes to your fancy dress party, just remember that you yourself are going to wear it, so wear it with style.


ExoticSeamstress said...

Oh yes! Sounds like much fun! I do costumes all year 'round, don't forget about me! Happy Halloween!

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Ok I have added your website link to my halloween blog roll link list.

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